Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Know First about Fashion Trends - Best Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

You can follow fashion trends not only on the catwalks of fashion weeks - there are hundreds of fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram. They know the latest trends of the season, publish pictures of everyday outfits, give useful advice, and help keep abreast of the latest fashion news. We will show you the best profiles that will amaze you with beautiful publications and provide you with useful information.

Top fashion bloggers on Instagram

The social network has hundreds of millions of subscribers and has thousands of profiles for each of the topics. Each user can easily find the best option, for example, Texas fashion bloggers or a profile from the city nearby. We will show you the accounts of some popular and extraordinary people.

Eleonora Carisi

A renowned fashion blogger from Italy, known for her talent for creating eccentric yet graceful looks, which has helped her build a career in the fashion industry. Carisi cites the main style codes of her grandmother - in her era, the abundance of cigarettes, chocolate, and chic occupied the main role.

Pernille Teisbaek

The Danish Girl is the epitome of classic yet playful Scandinavian style. Since launching her iconic blog Look De Pernille in 2012, she carefully curated yet daring mix of raw jeans and Gucci loafers that have exploded the internet. Follow her profile if you want to know how to become a fashion blogger and what is hot in street trends today.

Kate Underwood

The girl from the very childhood began to photograph and immediately found her calling. Interestingly, quite by accident, Kate became a model from a photographer. Today Underwood is filming for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, also works with L’Officiel and Vaga Magazine, and in his account, he shares the details of his interesting life.

Sabina Socol

A journalist, model, and influencer from Paris was able to become one of the best fashion bloggers with a large army of subscribers. The girl embodies Parisian chic in the absolute. Sabine forms images based on the style of Brigid Bardot or Jane Birkin in the 70s only in a modern manner.

Tylor Lashae

Another lady from the list of top fashion bloggers on Instagram. The unique appearance made the girl an influencer of the new era - she mixed Colombian and French blood. Taylor's account is saturated with warm hues in the style of old French cinema and a great atmosphere.

Leandra Medin Coen

A writer and blogger from the United States, who also managed to become one of the famous Florida fashion bloggers. The girl started her career with a blog called Boogers + Bagels. Her passion for irony soon won over her followers, and she decided to focus on the topic after a joking conversation while shopping with a friend about how fashionable outfits “turn men off”.

Yoyo Kao

Yoyo Cao has been blogging for many years about fashion, travel, beauty, and style, which led her to work as a designer and her boutique Exhibit. Yo-yo. Ambassador of L'Officiel in Singapore and welcomed guest at all Fashion Week shows. The blogger's Instagram has beautiful breakfasts, stylish bows, travel photos, and shooting advertising campaigns, collecting many reposts and likes from Los Angeles fashion bloggers and other colleagues.

Mari-Amelie Sove

Marie is the co-founder and creative director of Mastermind Magazine, a stylist with a portfolio of 20 years working with the world's most important designers, former fashion editor for The NY Times Style and Vogue Paris. Today she is an icon of the modern world of fashion, who in her microblog shares old magazine covers, advertising campaigns of the 20th century, less often her photographs in fashionable outfits and travel postcards.

Jaclin Mikutas

The Swedish fashion blogger is one of the most popular Instagram girls in Northern Europe. Jacqueline studied advertising photography, worked as a stylist and make-up artist, showing all the interesting things on her Instagram page. Beautiful photographs, warm countries, stylish looks for any budget, and incredible harmony - the Jaclin Mikutas page has thousands of inspiring publications, including even tips from mens fashion bloggers.

Aylin Koenig

The blogger from Hamburg, whose images are constantly re-posted on fashion pages and publications. Eileen skillfully combines clothes from mass-market brands and new ready-to-wear collections, she is one of the first to know about fashion news and constantly shoots street-style shots. How to wear the trendiest clothes and not look like a freak - this information is available on the girl's profile.

Anouk Yve

A blogger from Cronenberg started in 2011, then the girl came up with the idea to create a common platform for bloggers. Various Chicago fashion bloggers and other users started chatting and registered here. But already in 2015, she reconsidered her views and opened an international creative content marketing agency. Today, the girl helps brands create attractive content, but she does not forget about herself - fashionable images, accessories, stylish interiors, and collaborations with brands appear on her Instagram page.

Lorna Luxe

London It-girl - Lorna's looks have been preserved by thousands of girls and even some popular San Francisco fashion bloggers. Here, every second question in the comments about the jeans brand, and any collection of jerseys will be the envy. The blogger combines sheap clothes with expensive accessories and creates collections with big mass-market brands. Lorna's blog has hundreds of ideas for combining basic clothes for every day - get inspired!

Annabelle Fleur

The Miami fashion blogger profile has not been losing ground since 2011! The girl worked with the Hollywood designer Elisa Ferare, participated in shootings, attends shows and exhibitions, and regularly gets on the lists of the most popular fashion bloggers in the world. Annabelle is not afraid of bright combinations - on its page, there is a leopard print, bright dresses with large patterns, combinations of incongruous, and the most relevant from the world catwalks for everyday life.


The social network Instagram helps users to dress properly, follow trends, and look great in any situation. You just need to choose a fashion blogger that suits you in style and subscribe to his account.