Best Time for Instagram Posts

Tips for Popularizing Your Account - Best Time to Posts on Instagram

Instagram shows the news feed in chronological order. That is, the user enters the application, scrolls through the news feed, and the content is shown to him according to the principle of the recently added one. This means that it is important to choose the best time to posts on Instagram when the maximum number of people comes to see the Instagram news. So the user is more likely to react to the material - like, comment, repost.

List of best Times for Instagram Posts

Each target audience has a golden hour or day. Because a product or service has a need time. Obviously, for example, food delivery services to work will be more popular during business hours and days, and the offer to go on vacation - on weekends. Many services conducted comparative studies, which allowed determining the best Instagram posting time for different categories of goods.

•        Entertainment and media (Tuesday and Thursday, 12-15 hours). According to the study, the top Insta accounts noticed the most activity from subscribers from 12:00 to 13:00 and 14-15 hours. Most likely, users watch the feed during lunchtime and a downturn in the working mood, hoping to get new emotions or just take a break.

•        Food, drinks, recipes - the best post time on Instagram on this topic is Friday afternoon. Popular food bloggers successfully post content at a time when most people are dining. Friday is the best day in terms of engagement, however, Wednesday and Saturday also perform well.

•        Tourism, travel (Friday, 9-13 hours). Travel and tourism subscribers plan their weekend and are more active on Friday morning. But at the same time, these users are still active on Monday and Tuesday, reminiscing about weekends in the mountains, in the forest, or on the beach. The maximum engagement was observed from 9 am to 10 am and from 11 am to 1 pm.

•        Retail sales. Instagram best post times here - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Afternoon, 12-13 hours. Lunch break hours are popular across all niches. Instagram retailers were most active on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

•        Services (Instagram's best posting times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 am to 10 am). Professional service posts are popular on weekday mornings. Such companies publish interesting content, for example, related to education. People prefer to look at this information in the morning and apply it in the afternoon.

•        Non-profit organizations - best times for Instagram post on such topic are Tuesday at 10 am or 4 pm. According to research, nonprofit content is a big hit on Tuesday at 10 am. However, 4 pm was also marked as the time of subscribers' activity.

•        Healthcare, pharmaceuticals (best Instagram post times are Sunday and Wednesday, 9 am). Fitness blogs are a success with subscribers on Sunday mornings and Wednesday mornings. But it so happens that Saturday and Monday are also successful in the morning.

•        Education (Thursday, from 16 to 17 hours). Most often, students start their weekend on Friday. And before they leave on personal business, they probably want to watch something educational in the feed. Therefore, the best posting time for Instagram is Thursday after 4 pm. 11 and 12 am are also great for educational posts.

•        Beauty industry (Thursday, Friday from 13 to 15 hours). Cosmetic accounts are a big hit towards the end of the working week, after lunchtime. Sometimes Tuesday and Wednesday are successful.

•        IT-technology sphere (best posting times for Instagram is Monday and Tuesday, 2 pm). These accounts get maximum reach when they post on Monday afternoon. Tuesday is also a good posting option.

Personal Settings

Please be aware that your best time for an Instagram post may differ from statistics. For example, due to the difference in time zones or your audience lives in another country. Therefore, determine your indicators by examining the information and statistics of your account. Following this information, you can schedule the publication in advance by scheduling it for the most successful time using special services.