Instagram and TikTok Secrets for Job Seekers by Wonsulting

Instagram and TikTok Secrets for Job Seekers by Wonsulting

Social networks have long ceased to be an area where users share news from their lives. Today it is a great tool for promoting businesses and entrepreneurs who work from home. Moreover, this is the future of the market. 

This review contains tips that will help you promote your Instagram and TikTok, as well as make this path as effective as possible. 

We spoke with Jonathan Javier, the CEO and founder of Wonsulting. In just a few months, Jonathan increased the number of subscribers on his Instagram channel to 180 thousand. This allowed him to receive up to 30 million views monthly. The company has gained popularity on social media (600,000+ on TikTok, and 98,000+ on LinkedIn) and helped thousands of people to find a job. 

Jonathan shared his vision of social media and promotion. The important way of gaining popularity is free valuable content and actionable information.

For example, there is even a special section on the company's channels - “Career Tips”, which contains free advice for the unemployed and specialists who want to make their careers more effective. This section attracts the attention of many visitors and allows you to retain a large number of subscribers. And a little trick - the content contained here may also have sponsored links and recommendations to pay attention to the company's products.

Content is the most important factor in improving popularity. Because only by providing important, interesting, and useful information to users, you can keep them on the channel and attract new subscribers. It is important to carefully monitor the quality of the content and do everything to ensure that you are interesting and useful to customers. And there are some tips and tricks here.

Video Content

The ratio of video format and vertical video to traditional images on the accounts of popular bloggers is approaching one in six. This encourages users to create videos because high-quality visual content is in trend. In 2018, the IGTV format appears, and in 2020, in most countries, users get access to Reels (a format in the form of short fascinating music videos similar to TikTok).

Short Videos in Stories

A small video with an interesting plot can instantly convey the necessary information to the user. They will have time to watch the clip even before the interest in it disappears. Tools like these help you capture a large portion of your audience in just a few seconds.

Applying Filters to Stories on Instagram

Previously, it was considered unpresentable to use internal Instagram filters overlaid on pictures. Photo processing before uploading to the page was carried out in third-party applications. Now there are many handy filters created by bloggers themselves. They can be actively applied to your accounts.

More Stories

Initially, the format was intended to add everything that happened now and what you wanted to share with subscribers. Now it is used "to the fullest." The trend will continue in the new year. Popular bloggers cover every step they take. Some are less and less likely to refer to posts in the feed.

The popularity of stories is due to the lack of a content plan and perfect spontaneity. You can create beautiful content both yourself, substituting photos and texts, or using the Canva app, which provides a huge variety of templates.

Subtitles on Video

The subscriber does not always have the opportunity to turn on the sound while at work, in transport, or a public place. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the subtitles for the video.

High-quality Production and Editing. Professional Story Making and Storytelling

It is not difficult to create trending visuals on Instagram. Pay attention to the three whales on which it stands:

1. High-quality installation, which was already mentioned above. This means a sharp change of frame, the use of transitions, chips like changing clothes, changing location, etc.

2. Thoughtful scenario. Pointless shooting will not arouse interest. The video must have a plot, intrigue. Plot stories are acceptable, but only occasionally and in small quantities. For example, it might be a short video of great photos. The video will not be watched without a semantic load.

3. A colorful story about a life event - storytelling. The optimal advertising option for promoting an idea, service, product, etc. It is very popular among users.

Original Calls for Reactions in Stories

Without a reaction to posts in the feed and stories, it is impossible to judge the popularity of an Instagrammer and achieve success. There are "working" mechanisms to induce subscribers to act. For example, ask their opinion on the smiley that is missing to express your emotions. You can come up with something of your own, creative, and not just the usual set - prizes, surprises, emoticons, and voting.

Joint Broadcasts

Live streaming promotes rapprochement between platform users, increasing loyalty, for example, potential customers, as well as deepening into topics. Subscribers get to know the blogger better and are imbued with his idea.


Update to record a short clip (15 seconds). The video is proposed to be edited using various tools. This is a handy tool that allows you to engage the user and get them to pay attention to your channel. A great way to make it more popular.


Self-promotion on social media can be very difficult because you have a lot of competitors and you might just “drown” here without being noticed. Therefore, it is important to use all the tools and opportunities to be as effective as possible. For example, the UniLink service is a great helper on this path. We will help you be effective and successful.