Instagram Services You’ve Never Heard Of

Instagram Services You’ve Never Heard Of

Unusual services for Instagram you might never heard of:


You want to sell your products via Instagram, but you don't have a trademark to enable Instagram Shopping Tags? Good news for you - it's not an issue anymore ;) UniLink is a multi-link service that makes it possible to attach products to Instagram posts and sell them there. All you need is to go to the website and connect your Instagram account to this service. Also, traffic analytics and many other cool features will be available to you. 


Would you like to know what hashtags are better to use? With, you can easily find out which hashtags are popular in your niche.

What's more, you can check which hashtags are popular in a particular place in the world by selecting a location on the map.


This service will help you analyze content on social networks and identify viral posts, not only on Instagram.

Posts can be filtered by time and content type: the service will collect data about the number of likes, comments, and subscribers over a certain period.

Available feature set:

  • Search for viral posts.
  • Compare with competitors' pages.
  • Sort pages by tags.
  • Subscriber growth chart.
  • Report on the number of likes, comments, and reposts.
  • Data upload in a convenient format (Excel, PDF, PNG, JPEG).


Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an algorithm that determines how recognizable your photo will be. A heat map appears on a photo as soon as it's uploaded to the website: the warmer the color of the fragment is, the better it is remembered. The developers claim that the algorithm perceives images in the same way as they would be evaluated by a human being. It is useful, of course, not only for Instagram but for any other social network.


StoriesGain is suitable for those who want to monetize their small blog or buy ads from very tiny influencers. It'll serve small businesses or aspiring bloggers. If you have a rather limited budget, you can try it. However, the service allows you to advertise and purchase ads only via stories.


This is an Instagram Stories chatbot, which enables you to set up your Instagram sales system in the Stories section. The automation service works the same way as  a built-in and newfound chatbot, but it has some advantages. Few of them below:

  • Setting up auto-responses based on the specified templates.
  • Export of Requests 
  • Built-in CRM system for Instagram that enables to mark the data about customers and requests received.

Rosebud AI

Online service to customize models depicted on the image. Digital image bank of  models allows you to upload any AI-generated face and overlay it on any portrait from a regular photo stock. Say goodbye to stock photos! Of course, the service will come in handy not only for Instagram but for any other media.