Key Habits That Will Increase Your Instagram Income

Key Habits That Will Increase Your Instagram Income

Key habits contributing to your greater earnings on Instagram

  • Know the value of each post

If you are a lifestyle blogger or any other blogger with good subscriber growth and high engagement, you can expect that soon you'll be reached via Direct with an offer of promotion or collaboration. For this reason, it is better to come up with the price you’d offer for each sponsored story, post, and giveaway - at least just in case. 

To do that, try investigating the market and find out what price range the other bloggers ask for promotion. Even if you're not seriously considering paid integrations at the moment, it might eventually change your life in the future. 

With the information gathered, you will be able to hold meaningful negotiations with the business which products you are advertising. Being aware of competitors' pricing will help you strike a deal that would be beneficial for both you and the brand you promote.

  • Find other influencers in your niche providing the same products or services

If you sell your products on Instagram, you should not only keep a wary eye on your competitors but also learn from them, as sometimes that directly affects your sales. The more you learn about your competitors’ pricing and content strategy, especially the leading ones, the more insights you get on how to improve  your own strategy and get ahead of the competition. 

  • Maintain professional etiquette with your clients

Once you start your Instagram page, always maintain professional behavior towards all of your clients. After all, that is the business you're running.

There is always a chance to lose a valuable client or get a bad reputation by simply delaying your reply. Keep in mind that sometimes a new message notification at 2 a.m. can help you close a deal. 

  • Reduce the customer’s path to purchase to a minimum

Once a customer finally reaches your Instagram page through the ad in the feed, you should do everything possible to ensure that the products they like won’t just remain in the saved posts, but actually get packed and be out for delivery. For instance, it is quite common for Instagram vendors to just duplicate product information for the Instagram page from the website, which is their direct sales channel. 

However, it is obvious that not every user will be eager to go to the website and search for the product they liked. Most of the potential buyers will drop out at this stage.

Nevertheless, this issue is quite preventable. Not every vendor on Instagram has a trademark to enable Business Tags and sell directly through the profile. There are free services available for these purposes. For instance, the UniLink service provides a multi-link that is added to your bio and enables you to attach products from your website to your Instagram posts. This way, the product can be purchased directly from your post in a few clicks!