How to embed Instagram feed on your website

Everyone loves the Instagram these days. It’s a vital marketing tool for any small creative business (in fact, most of us are juggling more than one account) and it’s a great way to show fresh content on your website without lifting a finger. From plugins to code embeds, there are several solid options when it comes to integrating Instagram with your website and displaying your feed responsively so it looks great on all devices.

Widget Generators

Widget Generators are third party websites which allow you to create and customize your own embeddable Instagram feed widget. These feed generator options are a great option if you are using any website builder (like Shopify, Squarespace, Tilda, Bigcommerce, Wordpress etc.) or hosting own website.

UniLink services allow you to create Instagram and TikTok widget. All you need to do is to connect Instagram or TikTok account to UniLink, copy html widget code and paste it on your website. That's it!

  • Inspire your shoppers social media content

    Connect clickable 'buy' link to Instagram post. Connect shopify account.
  • Collect email address before providing a file to download. Add multi-links to each post

    Tag posts straight from purchases

My website

This is a widget demo. Click any image and find more details about post.