How to Calculate YouTube Earnings

How to Calculate YouTube Earnings

All You Must Know about YouTube Earnings

For many users, YouTube is a platform with a great number of interesting videos. But channel owners and bloggers also can generate good income through their work. Earnings can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is important to know how to calculate YouTube earnings and make your channel successful.

Requirements for video content

The YouTube platform has strict requirements for the content to be monetized. It should be interesting, unique, and contain information useful to the user. You can also upload videos with a shocking content, but YouTube does not monetize such videos. However, you can still earn income. Because YouTube channel earnings are made up of several factors.

•  Number of ad views. Your sponsors order commercials that promote their product or service. It is important to understand that the presence of ad blockers hides the ads, so the counter does not count these views from such users.

•  YouTube AdSense earnings are calculated after clicking on an ad. Different ads have different costs per click. If a user clicks on an ad, the channel owner earns income.

•  Some actions from users on the page. The Google AdWords system has introduced such a way to pay off money for advertising placement as payment for targeted actions. For example, a person advertises their online store. He sets the type of ad write-off as “pay for targeted actions” (finding a user on the product page of an online store for more than 30 seconds, adding an item to the cart, etc).

How is YouTube Earning Calculated?

The exact indicators of income can be seen only in your Google Adsense profile or in the Personal Account of the affiliate to which the user is connected. However, there is a simple formula that does not give exact numbers but allows you to determine the approximate amount of earnings.

We take the number of channel views over a period of time, divide by 1000 and multiply by $1. This is the income for the estimated period of time: per day or for the entire time of the channel's live.

YE (YouTube Earnings) = NoV (Number of Views)/1000x1$

You can more accurately calculate the predicted YouTube earnings in the Analytics tab. With the help of rating services - WhatStat and SocialBlade - you can estimate the potential earnings from the affiliate program.

Features of the Affiliate Program

To receive YouTube monetization earnings, you must become a member of the platform's affiliate program. In this case, ads on the channel will be shown according to internal algorithms. Or the advertiser will come to YouTube, set up targeting to advertise their product or service, and the channel

The Official YouTube Affiliate Program allows bloggers to earn money through Google AdSense ads or YouTube Premium subscriptions.

To become a YouTube partner, you need:

•        Have more than 1000 subscribers.

•        Get at least 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months.