How to get 200 followers on Instagram

How to get 200 followers on Instagram

The road to success and popularity - how to get 200 followers on Instagram

Instagram was created for fun and for users to share photos and stories from their personal lives. But today its goal has changed - Instagram has become a very popular social network that can generate excellent income if you have a large number of subscribers. The owners of the most popular accounts can even influence the opinion of the masses, and their vote is very important. However, as the sage said, "even the longest path begins with the first step." Therefore, it is important to properly organize the initial stage of your promotion, and we will tell you how to get 200 real Instagram followers.

Successful Steps to 200 Followers on Instagram

Of course, you can order advertisements from popular bloggers or influencers. This step will help you to get 200 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. But this is not the best solution if you are just starting your path. Such cooperation implies the payment of advertising royalties to a popular person, and we are looking for more efficient and convenient ways to get subscribers.

Mass Following and Mass Branding

Perhaps the simplest and most effective step is mass branding or mass following. This implies the massive addition of those people whom you want to see as your subscribers and friends. It's important to correctly filter the audience, then you can quickly reach the goal - 200 followers Instagram. We recommend subscribing to those profiles that have less than 1000 clients. The fact is that the news feed on larger accounts is updated too quickly and your content may go unnoticed.

Mass liking

Another way to get 200 Instagram followers is mass liking. It is also important here to pay attention to the quantity of the audience and news that you like. It`s ineffective to like posts of celebrities and bloggers. They will never reciprocate you. Mass liking also has limitations: no more than 60 likes per hour, but it's better to do 30-40. Exclude the use of automatic liking - in this case, you have the risk of getting banned from the social network. By the way, the method of mass liking is very effective - statistics say that every 100 likes give from one to ten subscribers.

Comments on posts

Another method to get 200 followers on Instagram in a cheap way is to write comments on popular accounts. Find a blogger with content that is similar to yours, and regularly express your opinion on his publications, communicate with people, joke, and answer questions. This is your target audience and potential subscribers. If you are an expert in some subjects, give advice under the post, carefully correct it if necessary, or answer the question. The main task is to become interesting for other users to subscribe to your profile. One successful comment can bring 200 followers to your Instagram account.