How to Get More Followers on Instagram

An Important Steps to Popularity - How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Probably every Instagram account owner wants to be popular. For different reasons. Some users want to tell their thoughts and influence people's opinions. Others just want to please their own vanity. And many use the social network as a platform to promote goods and services. But to achieve all of these goals, you need to win the fans' attention and get them interested in your posts. Through this article, you will learn how to get followers on Instagram.

The beginning of the way

The first thing to figure out is your account. What do you need it for? What do you want to get? How will you do this? All these questions and many others must be carefully worked out, written down and in the future adhere to the indicated points.

Developing the right strategy is very important - this will help to get followers on Instagram. And not just other members, but the target audience, which will be the most active and will be potential customers. So answer a few questions.

• What is your target audience (TA)? Describe in detail their characteristics, or rather make a real "portrait of the target audience."

• What attracts your target audience? What posts is she interested in? What formats fit better? To get an initial understanding of the answers to these questions, take a look at what your direct competitors are posting and which posts are getting the best response from them.

• Make a content plan. Write down when which posts will come out. Try to schedule your content at different times at the beginning so that you can determine the best time to post.

Your Personal Account

This is another way how to get more Instagram followers. Because this social network is based on visual content. And other users see your account, so it is necessary that it be properly designed and evoke pleasant emotions.

• Nice and clear name and login. Try to combine your profile name with keywords that will find you and a brand name that will immediately set you apart from hundreds of other companies. It is very important to get a name that is unique and at the same time understandable for algorithms - this will greatly contribute to promotion on Instagram.

• Profile photo. Do not put complex images with small details on the avatar - all the same, it will not be particularly visible in the miniature. It is better to put an easily disassembled picture, logo or photo so that the user can easily understand what is depicted on it when he sees it in the search or recommended.

• Profile description. Try to be as concise as possible to convey any important profile information in this field. Indicate what you do, how to contact you, etc. To keep the text from looking too boring, dilute it with emoji.

• Link in the profile. Add a relevant link here either to your main site or to other social networks where you are present. If it becomes necessary (for example, to lead users to a specific page on the site or Landing Page), then change the link from time to time.

• Additional buttons in the business account. Also, do not forget to fill in the buttons that will make it easier for the user to contact you.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

Now is the time to move on from theory to practice and give real advice on how to get more followers on IG. Some of the nuances depend on the subject of your account, but the general principles remain the same.

Likes and Subscriptions

A popular way to attract subscribers before is to follow them and like their posts. But this method does not work in all areas (for example, in the B2B area it is ineffective at all), so you should use it carefully. Although subscriptions and likes are not prohibited by the platform, too active and frequent actions will be punished by Instagram with various sanctions, up to blocking. You should not use cheats, masslooking and other ways to increase your performance, otherwise you may not only ruin your reputation and not get a result.

Commenting on Other Posts

Another great way to get followers on Insta. You comment on the posts of other users, attracting the interest of potential subscribers. Just do not use common phrases like “I like”, “super”, “beautiful” and other templates. Try to write lively comments, start discussion, and engage in dialogue. This method takes more time than just like + subscribing, but this way you can find the most loyal and live audience.

Advertising in Other Profiles

Influencer promotion is the most effective way to get followers on IG and leads. By ordering native ads and other bloggers, you, firstly, reach its active subscribers, and secondly, you gain the authority of this account. Before buying ads from a blogger, prepare yourself: analyze your account for cheating, see which audience is subscribed to the profile and how they interact with other advertising posts. You can use branded content, the post will indicate that it is advertising, that you are a sponsor, and you will have access to publication statistics.

Giveaway and LikeTime

Giveaway contests have always been an effective and popular method of promoting an account. They bring in new followers and greatly increase account engagement. Liketime is a special flash mob designed to increase the activity in your account and bring it to the recommended ones. Instagram's algorithmic feed is configured in such a way that the more users are involved in a post, the more people it will be shown. By liking and commenting on certain posts with a large number of subscribers, you force the feed to display them in the TOP. Gifts are an opportunity to get new subscribers quickly. You announce that you will be giving away a valuable prize to your followers. Get an audience. It's simple.


Now you know how to get more followers on Insta and all that remains is to complete this plan. But remember that Promotion on the Instagram social network is a large complex of various actions that must be constantly monitored and analyzed. Moreover, some promotion steps may differ from account to account. Someone can attract a lot of people to an account by publishing a link to it on other social networks, on the website, and even in the signature of an email. So try, experiment and choose the most effective strategies.