How to Put a Link in Insta Bio

How to Put a Link in Insta Bio

Your social media account can be profitable, especially if it is popular and has a large following. Today it has become an excellent tool for promoting products and services. Companies actively use rating Internet platforms to advertise their capabilities. To successfully promote and attract attention to a company, you need to understand how to put a link in your Instagram bio.

Active Link in Your Profile

It is worth saying that according to the developers' rules, you can place only one active link in your profile header or your stories. There are no other options for how to put a link in IG bio. This decision was made to avoid spam and intrusive ads. Also, you can mark only one clickable link on the main page of your account.

We'll show you how to add a link in the Instagram bio. To do this, you need to open your profile in edit mode and enter the address of another web resource in the "Web site" field. Once you save your changes, you can see the URL on your page. If you click on the address, then you will be redirected automatically to the site you specified.

Instruction, How to Put a Link in Instagram Bio

A hyperlink can come from the Instagram social network to any third-party services and sites, including other social networks and instant messengers. Also, linking can lead to the Insta profile of another person, for example, your secretary, PR manager of the company, or another specialist. An active link is one that automatically redirects the user to the desired Internet resource. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to put links in the Instagram bio.

1.   Go to the desired web page and copy the URL.

2.   Open the Instagram application, log in by entering your username and password.

3.   Open the main page and select "Edit".

4.   Select the line "web-site" and click on it.

5.   Insert the required internet address.

6.   We save the changes made.

7.   Now you need to check if the linking works and if the address is displayed correctly. To do this, try walking on it a couple of times.

How to Put a Link in Your Instagram Bio without Problem

So, you know about how to add links in Instagram bio, but sometimes there are additional problems with posting. For example, the link cannot be made active. Therefore, you should remember a few basic rules for adding links to your Instagram bio.

1.   Adding URL to the wrong field or to places prohibited for publishing active links. Please note that a clickable address can only be published if it is published on the main page of your profile or in stories (stories). According to the rules of the network, access to stories is open only for those profiles that have more than 10,000 subscribers.

2.   Incorrect display of the site address. If you already figured out how to put a link in your Insta bio, but the transition fails, then check for errors in the spelling of the address. If the link was copied from the forum, pay attention to extra spaces or other invalid characters. There is also a high chance of a typo if you write the address in person. An incorrectly entered character can turn a link to another resource into an error and a transition to a broken page.

3.   Check for an active link in your profile. We have already said that according to the developers' rules, you can publish at most one link to another site. Therefore, if a URL is already specified in the “Website” field, then you will not be able to insert another one.


We've shown you how to put a link in Insta bio. This is a simple procedure that requires a few minutes of your time. By taking a couple of steps, you will also make your Insta-profile as meaningful and useful for potential customers as possible. Use this knowledge to increase traffic.