Most Follower Instagram Accounts

Famous and Popular - Who Has the Most Followers on Instagram

Instagram has long been one of the most popular media platforms. The social network regularly attracts the attention of new users. Today the service is used by over 600 million people. Most users use the social network for its intended purpose - post photos, chat with friends. Other users prefer to make money on their profile.

But in any area there is competition, and the social network is no exception. Therefore, many users are interested in the question - who has the most followers on Instagram. The most demanded have always been the personal pages of the stars. The rating has remained “predictable” for the past few years, sometimes the stars change places in the TOP, overtaking each other by several million followers. Usually at the top of the rating are musicians, actors, sports stars, various figures, and politicians.

Who Has the Most Instagram Followers - Top Rating

The audience of 600 million is the total number of users of the social network, which has existed for about eight years. During this time, its leaders have formed here.

1. The first place belongs to the profile dedicated to the social network Instagram. It has the most IG followers at 228 million. If you go to the official page of the photo resource, then you will see a standard account - here the developers post the results of competitions, talk about the changes, and upload successful pictures. This account was the first on the social network. If you are interested in flash mobs, then you should subscribe.

2. Selena Gomez is in second place. However, they are the most followed Instagram person. The singer has extraordinary fame in the United States and other countries, and 131 million followers confirm this. For American teenagers, the girl is considered the standard of style and beauty. In the early years of her activity, Selena was known as Justin Bieber's girlfriend. It is worth saying that the guy is also in the TOP-10. Today, Selena's main occupations are music and charity. Fans regularly follow the girl's tape and manage to find out about her concerts and fashion shows.

3. The third position is shared by two persons at once - Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande. It's funny, but both stars today have 118 million fans on Insta. However, Cristiano has the most followers on Instagram as a sportsman. Ronaldo also regularly appears on TV screens and computer monitors. In his profile, the athlete publishes photographs dedicated to travel, football, and other hobbies. Fans will be able to see publications dedicated to the training of the world star.

4. American singer Ariana Grande is also one of the most followed users on Instagram with 118 million followers. The career of a pop artist began in 2008. Popularity came to her not only because of hits, but also thanks to star scandals. In addition to her musical activities, Ariana has several roles in TV shows and movies. This allowed her to achieve immense popularity both in life and on Instagram.

5. Pop diva Beyoncé, who is known all over the world, settled in fifth place. Its audience is 108 million users. The singer has been making us happy with quality music for over 20 years. Unsurprisingly, her Instagram account is hugely popular with users around the world. Follow the beauty and the pop diva is recommended for those who love Beyoncé's work. In addition to photos from the concerts, excerpts from new video clips appear here.

Also, to this mega-popular five of celebrities with the most Instagram followers community, there are other leaders. and the sixth place is the beauty Kim Kardashian. She is followed by pop diva Taylor Swift, who is familiar to all music lovers. The eighth position went to another socialite - Kylie Jenner, followed by Dwayne Johnson, we know him under the pseudonym "Rock". The leaderboard is closed by Justin Bieber, the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez, who is now the most followed on Instagram.