Paying for Followers on Instagram

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Every active Instagram blogger strives for greater reach and engagement. In addition to selling their products and services, bloggers' pages with a good audience often act as advertising platforms. The more subscribers you have, the more often advertisers will contact you with a desire to tell about their product or improve their brand image. Some of them even paid for Instagram followers to make the account more popular and famous. Indeed, in the long term, it can bring good profit.

How many followers do you need for an Instagram account

Paying for Instagram followers is not a common tactic because you don't need a large following for your profile to generate income. Of course, a lot depends on additional factors:

• What industry (niche) you work in and how easily you can directly associate it with a certain category of products;

• Engagement and coverage of publications;

• What methods of earning you will choose, and with what partners you will work.

But as a rule, 10 thousand subscribers is enough to start making your first profit. There are also many other, much more effective and correct (in terms of strategy) methods that work much better than paying for followers on Instagram.

Does Instagram Pay You for Followers?

This question is often of interest to novice bloggers. No, there is no monetization for publications, like on YouTube, on Instagram. The social network does not pay users to reach, likes, and a number of followers. Why? It is very easy to buy a large number of followers and likes on Instagram. This is one of the reasons why the social network does not pay money to its users for popularity.

Therefore, if you have gained a large number of subscribers in your profile, this does not mean that advertisers will pay you for it. Of course, the number of followers affects the promotion of brand advertising through your profile, but only if the activity of the audience corresponds to its number and these are real users.

This means engagement is far more important than follower numbers because companies need an influencer who can convince others to buy their products. If subscribers trust your opinion, actively like and write comments, then your level of engagement can interest potential advertisers. And in this case, they are ready to pay for Instagram followers of your account.

How to Make Money on Instagram Followers

According to statistics, about 60% of people use social media to make purchasing decisions, and almost half of them rely on the opinions of bloggers? People are looking for recommendations on various products, one of which may be yours. Therefore, there are several main options for making money on Instagram:

1. Sponsored publications. Here cooperation is based on individual agreements between bloggers and brands. This option is the most profitable since the blogger himself sets the tariff for working with brands.

2. Affiliate Marketing. This is an opportunity to receive a certain commission for the sale of products offered by external partners (usually online stores). The blogger reviews recommend and describe products. If a subscriber likes a review or recommendation, he can follow a special link and purchase the product on the store's website. When a person makes a purchase, a percentage of the sale goes to the blogger's account.

3. Selling your products and services. This option involves making a profit not only from a firm or company but also the ability to sell products and services from a blogger.

How Much Can You Earn With An Instagram Account?

This question has no clear answer, just like the question "how much does Instagram pay for 1 million followers". It all depends on the way of making money, your partners, advertisers, the product being promoted, and the level of audience engagement. But one thing is clear - popular bloggers can earn very large sums, providing themselves a comfortable life.