Premium Links Generator for Instagram

Why Do you Need Instagram links generators?

As you know, Instagram allows you to add only one link in the profile description. This “one bio link” rule works effectively in preventing people (and bots) from spamming Instagram with links.

However, this is also an inconvenience for authors, marketers, or bloggers who want to direct their audience to the pages of their sites. However, this is easy to fix with a premium links generator. Placing multi-links will increase the flow of potential customers.

What is a link generator?

This is a special tool that allows you to create a convenient extended UTM-tag for various social networks. This is useful for various bloggers and small business owners, as link generators help to promote products more effectively and direct users to specific pages: news post, online store, donate page, etc.

Linking generators types

We have selected several options that will help you make your Instagram page more effective.

1.   Shorby. it is a simple and powerful premium link generator to optimize your account. You can place all the content you want to share in one neatly designed user profile. To get started, sign up for a free account with an email ID. And Shorby will suggest creating a functional page with links to content. Add multiple referrals that send subscribers to your blog, website, online store, social media, or YouTube.

2.   SkedLink. Another great free premium links generator that helps you solve a lot of problems. It's a simple tool, but it has everything you need to create an impressive landing page. Just upload your Instagram profile photo, activate the welcome message, and choose your favorite icons, colors, and fonts. An additional feature of the free premium link generator SkedLink is the live preview.

3.   LinkTree. Founded in 2016, Linktree is considered the first company to come to market with the idea of ​​using a single clickable URL on Instagram bio. It is one of the famous premium link generators for free, offering a large number of free features and a user-friendly interface.


Since the link on Instagram is most often overlooked, this is an opportunity to create a clear and beautiful multi-link to optimize driving traffic to landing pages. And high-quality generator links will help increase the efficiency of your Instagram account.