Profile Picture for Instagram

Make Your Profile Perfect - Choose Your Best Photo

An Instagram profile photo is the first thing people pay attention to. Therefore, filling your account should be taken seriously. Besides, it is the face of the account owner that is displayed in the Instagram stories feed. Good Instagram profile pictures can captivate potential followers and dramatically increase audience engagement. Therefore, you need to know some tricks that will help you find the perfect option.


If you are promoting a product or service, the best Instagram profile picture will be the brand logo. This will help clients get to know the company and provide quick brand introductions for new visitors. On the other hand, if the business is personal - for example, you can be a photographer, influencer, or coach - you can use a face photo as an IG profile photo.


Remember that a profile picture for Instagram should not only be functional but also beautiful. And the main thing is to match the overall aesthetic of the account. Think of the image as the perfect addition to your profile with a similar look and feel. Identical filters, appropriate colors and other important nuances should be noticeable and stylish. Think about which Instagram profile pic ideas would best reflect your personality and account theme. Edit the photo so that it looks harmonious.

Background for Pictures

We recommend choosing a neutral background. Remember that good Instagram profile pics do not need to be changed every month - it will always be relevant. Therefore, it is better to choose an Instagram account photo with a neutral background, appropriate at any time of the year. This does not mean that you can keep the avatar unchanged for several years. However, to avoid problems with brand recognition and consistency, it is recommended to change the photo on the main page less often.

Photo for Instagram Profile Size

Remember the dimensions. All profile photos should be a perfect 110x110 pixel square. You shouldn't stray too far from this setting, as Instagram will crop the picture in a circle on the feed. Use the preview to see how the picture will look after editing. Make sure the face or logo focus is in the center of the circular frame of your profile photo for Instagram.

Additional Details

Consider using props when creating your Instagram account photo. Are you a photographer? Pick up the camera. Veterinarian? Have one of the furry patients be by the side while shooting. Remember, an avatar is a showcase of your personality and brand. And using work props will help create the best profile picture for Instagram and leave some of the competition far behind.


Tips for picking the best photo for your Instagram profile are very important when setting up an account. Instagram is a special social network where users pay maximum attention to the visual component. It was originally built on the principle of visual content presentation and business promotion. Therefore, a competent approach to choosing the main image can be an additional advantage in brand promotion. It is only important to understand the basic rules of the "game" and follow them.