Top Fitness Model on Instagram

Health & Beauty - Top Most Popular Instagram Models

Supporters of an active lifestyle often find the motivation or learn about some innovations in the world of a healthy lifestyle from Instagram fitness models accounts. This is a good way to get help or support: they will tell you how to do the exercise correctly, how to prepare some low-calorie meals, and also give motivation for further progress.

Top List of fitness models on Instagram

The social network is very popular with sports fans and it also has its own leaders.

  1. Whitney Simmons. This athletic girl's motivating blog consists of detailed workouts, and some of the complexes can be performed at home without any additional equipment.
  2. Sonya Neks. One of the most popular Instagram fitness girls. Her hobby is a family tradition because Sonya's mom is also a dancer and a professional choreographer. On her Instagram, you will find descriptions of effective workouts, life hacks, fiery dance videos, and reflections on everything in the world.
  3. Christie Godso. the trainer is from New Zealand. Her parents were professional golfers, so we can say that love for sports is in Kirsty's blood. She wakes up around 5:30 am. Immediately after waking up, she takes a cold shower and then drinks a protein shake.
  4. Mary Helen Bowers. It is quite possible that she is the most unique among IG fitness models, as she is also a professional ballerina and trainer. Instead of practicing her traditional weight sports, Mary Helen developed a new workout using movements from ballet. She offers the services of a personal trainer and also conducts group sessions, along with advice on nutrition, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle.
  5. Catalin Rice. On her Instagram page, she posts pictures of her exercise, food, and overall lifestyle. Kaitlyn prides herself on motivating people to move towards healthier lifestyles, and she takes great pleasure in doing so.
  6. Lyzabeth Lopez. The girl has become one of the most popular and influential Insta fitness models with millions of subscribers. Through her advice on beauty, exercise, personal exercise, and lifestyle in general, Lizabeth has become a guru and promoter of healthy lifestyles with realistic expectations. The girl's knowledge of the fitness industry and the human body has made her an expert in this field in the world of social media. Lizabeth is also liked by her followers because she finds a common language with everyone and even offers personal training sessions.
  7. Izabel Goulart. The Brazilian model was one of Victoria's Secret angels from 2005 to 2008 and has also worked with Armani Exchange for a long time. She is not only beautiful and sexy, her figure is just perfect. Her Instagram page is inspiring for any person who would like to work on their body or need additional inspiration in order to get themselves to go to the gym. Her photographs on this social media website are becoming more and more popular, to the point where she is already gaining media attention.
  8. Michele Lewin. The American Insta model started her modeling career and even featured on the cover of Playboy. After spending some time in the gym in order to keep fit, she fell in love with a healthy lifestyle. Her followers are a huge number of women, and she often shares her exercises and daily diet. Michelle has also had tremendous success in bodybuilding competitions.