Top Ten Most Popular Hastags on Instagram

All You Need to Know about Hastags on Instagram

A hashtag is a word preceded by a # symbol that acts as a link within a social network. With hashtags, users mark posts related to a specific topic. Sometimes they create personal addresses to divide posts in an account into different categories.

According to the rules of the social network, the account owner can put up to 30 hashtags on Instagram in one post. Also, they can be put in comments. Another feature of tags is that even after a long time, the words remain active, and the user can click on them.

How Popular Instagram Tags Influence Account Promotion

There are several reasons why you should add popular Instagram hashtags to your posts.

1. They help you sort your photos by topic. Tags are created to determine the topic of publications: it is convenient to find all posts about food in one click. And now, Instagram hashtags work this way, especially on people's accounts.

2. Create new topics. Bloggers or brands write about different topics. To avoid mixing up posts in the same account, they use personal tags with a category designation, which makes it easier to find their content.

3. Help to conduct the competition. Most contests would be impossible without popular IG tags. With their help, the organizers find participants and determine the winner.

4. Organize UGC content. Brands find posts from UGC thanks to hashtags. Users publish reviews, photos from establishments, shots with products on their pages, but indicate the brand tag. With its help, the company finds this content and can react to the publication or use the author's post on its page.

5. Attract new users. Thanks to the most popular hashtags on Instagram, you can interest other users and motivate them to follow your account.

Tips How to Get More Hashtag Popularity on Instagram

Just like in the real world, Instagram has its own unspoken rules of communication. To avoid looking stupid, stick to tag guidelines.

• A hashtag is a word, not a phrase.

#Don’t #Write #Sentences #with #hashtags.

• Do not borrow other people's tags.

Make sure that if you are not the hundredth user of a personal hashtag, this will help not to confuse your followers and subscribers of the author of the tag who took it first.

• Remember that hashtags are read too.

Making it to the top 10 posts on best Instagram hashtags can bring extra likes and sometimes followers. There are different types of tags:

• High-frequency - over 100,000 publications.

• Medium frequency - more than 50,000 publications.

• Low frequency - up to 50,000 publications.

Choose the option that works best for your account. The most important metric for promotion is the rate at which other users are typing under the post. Therefore, we recommend that you adhere to certain rules.

1. Select the tag for which you want to get to the top.

2. Look at the current top: how many likes on posts and when they were published.

3. If in your account you usually get fewer likes at the same time, choose a less popular hashtag.

4. Determine when to post when your audience is active (via Instagram stats).

5. Publish your post with a hashtag.

List of top hashtags on Instagram

There are many different topics on Instagram, and each has its top.

• Rating of the most popular hastags on Instagram. #me #love #instadaily #selfie #photooftheday #fun #followme #smile #summer #swag #instalike #igers #tbt #picoftheday # follow4follow #fashion # like4like #follow #instagood #amazing #cute #friends #bestoftheday #happy #instatag # l4l #beautiful #likeforlike.

• Tags to help increase the number of comments. # comment4like # comments4comments #commentforlike # comment4comment #commentall #commentplease #commentforfollow #pleasecomment #commentforcomment #commentback.

Best hashtags on Instagram helping to recruit followers. # follow4follow #followbackalways # follow4followback #follows #pleasefollowme #followme # f4f # follow4like.

How to find the most popular hashtags on Instagram

Many special services provide this information. For example, the MyTager application. Also, the user can type a topic or a word in the Instagram search bar, and the social network will suggest the best options.

It is important to remember that you should not use more than 5-10 tags per post. It is better to choose the quality and most interesting terms. Look at the accounts of competitors and subscribers. You can also define keywords and come up with hashtags yourself. Do not use too long phrases, as spaces do not work in hashtags.

With the right approach, you can improve the popularity of your account, attract new subscribers, and reach the top.