What is Bio for Instagram

Features of Your Instagram Bio

Before starting a conversation, you need to understand what is a bio on Instagram. This is the basic information about your profile, and most importantly, the first impression for other users. There are only a few lines here, but they help the user decide whether to stay or leave. This is why you need to approach bio in Instagram with your heart. Tell about yourself, list services, name working conditions, leave contacts. But this is not enough. Need to hook. In one succinct phrase, express your individuality, emphasize the advantages, and just like on a human level.

Basic Tips on how to set up a bio for an Instagram account

This section includes a little information, but here all the basic information about the profile owner is collected: here you can add text, emoji, hashtags, as well as one Instagram bio link. To edit this section, you must activate the "Edit Profile" function. In the Site section, enter your link in bio IG (it will be displayed below the main text). In the "About me" section, enter your text. The maximum length is 150 characters without spaces.

Now it remains to understand what to write in the section. This is already more difficult because it is necessary to convey important information and do it as efficiently as possible. Remember that a lot depends on the topic of the page: blog, store, company, service. But even if you have a very serious brand, do not limit yourself to dry facts, link on Instagram bio and contacts - show your face and individual approach. These factors will contribute to the development of popularity.

• Tell us about yourself. Try to answer the question “Who are you? Why will it be interesting to follow your life? " Share your family, work, outlook, and personality traits in your bio on Instagram.

• Interests. Another important point that will allow other users to learn more from your bio from Instagram. Tell us how you live, how you look at the world, what makes your story special, what you are a pro. Let like-minded people know that on this page they will find a lot of useful and relevant information.

• Contacts. If you want to make a business out of your Instagram profile, share your contacts. Keep in mind the convenience of your users. Here you can enter your address, email, phone, contact profiles, and link in your Instagram bio.

• CTA. This is an important point that many people forget. After all, you need to help a person become interested in your link in bio Instagram, motivate him to go to this address. Indicative emoji are often added to the CTA to help direct the eye to the desired link. Why not use this trick if it works?

Tips, How to Make Your Insta Bio more Effective

There are a few more tips to make your profile more informative and Instagram link in bio more effective.

• Original fonts. With tools like LingoJam or Textygram, you can change the font in the header and decorate the labels. Just enter your text in the field and the tool will suggest different options.

• Additional symbols. Another interesting program CoolSymbol will help you add unusual symbols to the profile description. In case emoji isn't enough.

• Beautiful line spacing. With Apps4Life you can break up your profile description into neat lines. Paste your text, click the button, and the result is immediately copied to the clipboard.

• More space. If you have a business profile and the page description does not fit in 150 characters, you can expand it right in the application. Click on "Edit Profile - Contact Methods - Company Address". Specify the city, and in the "address" field enter your text.

• Multilink. This is an indispensable thing for a business account. With the help of special services in just one link (and Instagram won't allow you to publish anymore), you can collect all your contacts: website, social networks, instant messengers, and other Instagram bio links.


Now you know where is a link in bio on Instagram and how to make the information in this section as pleasant and useful for the user as possible. This knowledge will help you create the perfect and effective social media profile.