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TikTok Shop

Like Instagram, TikTok allows users to add a bolded clickable link directly on their profile.
This is huge for brands, influencers, and businesses of all sizes on TikTok, as it’s the main way to drive followers to a website or e-commerce platform.
Its website builder offers creators an expanded set of tools to monetize their community through sales.
Link your product to TikTok video and allow users click on it.


Let’s get started

We have created a new service called Link in bio that will allow you to link all of your Instagram images.
Instagram only lets you add a link in the bio of your profile. Why not take advantage of it to show all your posts in a clickable way? Doing so, you will generate images that can lead you to a product page, publication or any specific landing page.
Use your personal or business Instagram account connect to UniLink platform.