4 easiest ways to increase your Instagram sales

4 easiest ways to increase your Instagram sales

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks and, hence, a great marketing channel. Its photo-sharing platform offers unique opportunities for brands to come into the spotlight and hold a dialog with their customers.

Most probably, you are already doing your best to promote your business on Instagram. Here are four easiest (and most effective) ways to increase your Instagram sales and optimize your content.

# 1: Use UniLink

For a long time, there’s been a problem with Instagram sales, implying that you couldn’t attach clickable links into your posts. So, instead, you had to direct your followers to a link in your bio or direct. You should understand that potential buyers drop out at this stage.

But now, with the use of UniLink, you can add actions to your Instagram posts, so that your feed becomes an optimized clickable landing page. For that to happen, you don’t have to wait longer than a week to verify your Instagram Shopping Tag and create a brand. Get valuable information, including clicks, page views, and sales of each message in your UniLink profile.

# 2: Use hashtags

To attract customers and increase your sales, you can use hashtags related to your services or products. Provided that you use a proper combination of hashtags, it will be easier for your target consumers to find you. This method will increase your brand awareness.

But coming up with a proper combination of hashtags is not as easy as it seems. You must spend time and effort exploring possible options. Ensure you use a balanced combination of unique and common hashtags in your Instagram posts.

Experiment with different combinations to see which one is suitable for you. Besides, if you cooperate with bloggers, ask them to use the same set of hashtags.

# 3: Show your products in action

Though bright and professional photos of your products can attract people’s attention, they are not always enough to stimulate sales.

So that to make your Instagram content rather engaging, use photos and videos demonstrating your products in action.

For instance, if you sell clothes, you can show people dressed in these clothes from different angles. Add a title revealing the experience of wearing the clothes or describing the cloth grain.

GoPro also perfectly demonstrates its product in action. All their Instagram posts are photos and videos caught on camera.

Show your products in action to help the subscribers understand how they can use and enjoy them, as well.

# 4: Ask influencers for honest feedback

People trust opinion shapers because they are foremost consumers, too. Therefore, their opinions and recommendations seem more sincere than the approval of your product by an occasional celebrity.

Brands, cooperating with influential people, do this primarily because they want to earn the loyalty of their target audience.

A good way to do this is to ask an influencer to be honest in their reviews, even if some negative aspects of your products are discovered. Provided that an influencer is honest about some features that they don’t like, their positive reviews of other features seem noticeably more authentic.

Customers know that each product has its pros and cons. For this reason, ask an opinion shaper to post an “unveiled review” to help you earn the trust of your target audience.