5 Main Advantages of Instagram for Business

5 Main Advantages of Instagram for Business

Instagram is undoubtedly the best social media platform in terms of captivating visual content, which makes it a perfect tool for business marketing. Millions of users share memorable moments of their lives via eye-catching photos and videos. That gives ecommerce vendors a great opportunity to demonstrate their products and services from an intriguing point of view.

Instagram has lots of features that are perfect for vendors, allowing them to create a free account to promote their brand or business in the most effective way. For this reason, more than a million brands have already launched advertising campaigns on Instagram. Here is a rundown of 5 main advantages of Instagram for digital vendors.

1) Instagram Has a Сommitted Audience

The fundamental advantage of Instagram is that its audience is far more engaged than in any other social media. Around 68% of users keep in touch with the brands, which makes it beneficial for both businesses and advertisers.

Instagram has become an ideal place to create an active community within the social network. The users spend much of the time interacting with each other while viewing page content, and are eager to visit your website for more information about the product and to make a purchase.

2) Instagram Helps You Generate Income

Instagram has proven to be a great source of customers for the ecommerce business. Brands and businesses always look for Instagram influencers with a high number of followers to promote their products to potential clients. Being an opinion leader for their loyal followers, it is quite easy for the influencer to advertise a product or service, generating more sales for the business. 

This way, an Instagram account can become a great source of income for the account owner. 

3) Instagram Improves Your Traffic

Another great way to increase website traffic is to place a link to in the bio section of your Instagram account. This way, the followers and visitors of your Instagram page will be able to  follow the link and visit the site for more information. 

Here’s a little lifehack on how to use a webpage link in your bio to increase sales. If you promote your products via Instagram but can’t use Business Tags, there is a great alternative for you. Using UniLink service, you can generate a multi-link for bio section of your profile, allowing you to attach the products or services from your website to your Instagram posts. It will be much easier for clients to find and purchase the products they saw in your posts. This way, their saved posts will turn into actual sales!

4) Instagram Has Great Advertising Features

As most of the other social media, Instagram allows you to pay through a business account for promotion of your content. However, unlike other social media, Instagram audience is highly active and engaged, meaning that your ad response will be much more substantial, bringing you higher return on your advertising investment.

Instagram is a powerful tool to convert your followers into customers. According to recently published studies, one-third of Instagram users are regularly buying online through Instagram. 

5) You Can Become an Influencer Yourself

As we mentioned before, Instagram has plenty of benefits for an account owner as well. For instance, you can actually become a thought leader in your area of interest. Essentially, the more followers you have, the more valuable your opinion will be. Moreover, with Instagram you can reach the followers all over the globe, building your influence across the borders while more and more people review and like your posts. Being an opinion leader can truly open many doors before you and may change your life for the better.