A few words about content strategy: How to create a social media strategy for your brand

A few words about content strategy:  How to create a social media strategy for your brand

When creating a content strategy for a brand, you need to identify the key milestones and set the right objectives for your strategy. While researching this topic, we talked to a brand strategist Dain Walker.

Dain consults and helps brands scale faster, he is also a founder and CEO of Victory Front agency. Dain works with international companies and shares brand development and marketing tips on his Instagram @dainwalker .

What questions should you answer before building a brand content strategy on Instagram? How does a brand content strategy differ from a blogger's strategy?

Before building any components of a brand, it's crucial to understand why the company exists, who you're designing it for, why they should even care, and what's special vs. others who post similar content to you.

Branding is a matter of combining a list of visual elements with more ethereal elements such as personality, voice, values, messaging, etc. 

How can brand combine interesting content and strategy that promotes its product? Is it possible?

People are on socials for their own selfish reasons, they want value, entertainment, education. If your social content feels like you have an agenda to sell, people will avoid your page. I suggest you use the cooking show method. Imagine you're Chef Ramsey - You don't want your TV show to be all about pitching your product. You instead give away free recipes and teach people by giving value, they become fans and later. 

What should brand pay attention to in order to increase an active audience on Instagram? Does being community-driven work for a brand?

Being massively audience-centric, the objective should always be about surprising people, interacting with them, and making your social channels as fun as humanly possible.

What are your inspirations and how do you find relevant ideas for content when working with brands?

I love reading books and attending workshops from a variety of industry professionals. Currently, I'm studying all of Seth Godins & Marty Neumeier's courses and books. 

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