A Glimpse Into MultiLinks

A Glimpse Into MultiLinks

In order to offer customers dozens, hundreds, or thousands of products, you need an online store. A landing page is what you need to sell one product or service to a single target audience. To simply tell the customers about yourself, that is by providing a price list, specifying contact details, and legalities, you should have just a business card website.

But what if:

  • There is no opportunity or desire to dive into all these designs, domains, CMS, etc.
  • You don't necessarily need even a simple site with 3-5 sections  – just a single landing page with links to social networks and, for example, a portfolio.
  • You lack a free evening even for creating something elementary with a free website builder.

In such cases, you can get a multi-link instead of a business card website.

Instagram puts no limits or restrictions on usage of multi-links. However, the administrators monitor whether the link does not lead to a suspicious site or prohibited material. If it does, the user may be banned. In other cases, you should be fine.

Using multi-links is a great way to attract more attention to your account, as well as to increase the number of subscribers and customers. 

Top services for creating multi-links:

  • UniLink is a multi-link that can be used to sell your products on Instagram. This service “pulls in” the posts from your feed and lets you attach products to them and sell without Shopping Tags or other complex solutions. Full analytics is provided to you, including clicks, page views, and sales from each post. You do not need to change the link in bio after uploading each post.

Unlike Shopping Tags, with UniLink you don’t need a business account or Facebook page to sell your goods or services. Also, you can do that from any country in the world. 

  • Mssg.me. Take an advantage of two-week free trial period to find out whether this service is suitable for you. Mssg.me is a messenger marketing platform enabling you to add links and generate a QR code for any page. There is analytics for tracking traffic on the desired resource and the number of visits through clicking on links. But keep in mind that most of these features are paid. The only thing you're able to do with mssg.me for free is to create a page with an image, description, custom background, QR code, and the telegram button.

The PRO service plan costs $9 per month. If you want to test it first, there is a free two-week trial period.

  • Taplink is a multi-link service for Instagram and beyond: the business plan even has a receipt, a lead form, an online store, and its own CRM system.

Key capabilities:

  • Links to instant messengers and social networks like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki etc.
  • Statistics on traffic and clicks on links.
  • Customization of your avatar size, text, color scheme, and OpenGraph.

However, your future page will have the address consisting of taplink.cc/ + username on Instagram. You can't set an arbitrary URL.

  • MeConnect.ru is another tool for creating simple single-page business card websites.

Feature set:

  • There can be up to 30 links on the page (in addition to all popular social networks and messengers, you can add a link to LinkedIn, fl.ru, Behance, GitHub, Reddit, Yandex and Google maps).
  • You can connect Vkontakte and Facebook pixels, as well as enable Metrics and GA.
  • You can specify your name and city, briefly describe yourself, and choose 3 lines of work you do.
  • However, be mindful there is only one button with an arbitrary link available.