How to Make a Photo for the Instagram Store by Yourself

How to Make a Photo for the Instagram Store by Yourself

As Instagram is all about sharing awesome photos and videos, professional Instagram vendors are in constant need of high quality visual content.

Your posts MUST nudge consumers towards purchase, and thanks to the UniLink service, they can actually do it. UniLink provides a multi-link that can be used to sell your products on Instagram. The service allows you to attach products to your existing Instagram posts and sell them without Shopping Tags or other complex solutions. 

There are plenty of options on how to trade goods on Instagram, and they all require high-quality images. So here are some useful tips on how to create content that actually sells.

  • Determine which angle of your product is the most valuable

From which angle does your product look the most attractive? The best perspective would be the one that reveals the most of product characteristics, like its size, volume, design features, etc. For instance, the best view of high heels would be from the side, and for sneakers – from above. Inexperienced photographers can find it challenging to determine the desired angle of shoot, resulting in uninformative or unattractive images.

  • Stick to the 3-color rule

It's a good idea to limit the color palette for your frame. Choose three color shades that will look good together, with the help of Itten's color wheel.Set these colors to a volume ratio of 4:2:1, meaning that one color acts as the basic one, with the other two being used about 2 times less than the previous one.

  • Don’t sweat about the equipment

You might think that your camera is not good enough to take good photos for your store - or you might not have a camera at all. However, lots of professional photographers who sell their works on photo stocks shoot exclusively on iPhone. 

Most of the time, photos taken on your smartphone would be quite enough for an Instagram store. However, it might be difficult to get used to shooting on white  background.