How to start selling from TikTok

How to start selling from TikTok

How to start selling from TikTok

Yes, you heard it right. Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, TikTok creates a powerful alliance with numerous partners. Such a way urges not only to grow the community but also stimulate sales within the app. In other words, it means that TikTok becomes a convenient platform of online commerce and hosts traders, influencers, marketers

Transformation of the TikTok bio link

Thanks to the partnership between TikTok’s and UniLink, you can create and optimize marketing campaigns, directly from your feed’s toolset. This strengthened integration is extremely popular across brands and individuals with its appealing bio link feature. 

Now, everyone needs to approach followers to the attached link in bio or dm them individually to let them know where to buy this certain product or how to order that particular service that we saw in the video. 

Alternatively, UniLink cooperation with TikTok makes it so much easier to make this linking process. With these new features, followers can browse all the products and services offered within a smart bio link. Can you imagine that? Just with one same link.

What are UniLink key functions?

  • Linking

The concept is simple. UniLink provides an opportunity for brands to provide their marketing strategies through a catalog of various useful URLs, buttons, and tags in TikTok bio. It is like an advertising panel that resembles your TikTok feed and allows you to direct the audience to live-stream shopping. When followers click the link in your bio this time, they will surf your mobile-optimized landing page and proceed to purchase. It is probably, the fastest way for you and your audience to quickly find the content they want and assist them in the buying process.

  • Tracking

UniLink’s in-built free tool allows you to track marketing campaigns and understand which of them are more efficient and which should be upgraded. UniLink owners can track their conversions driven by some video. These include a number of items added to to the shopping cart, notifications about placed orders, and payments completed via bio link. UniLink merchants can, also track user's actions and adjust the content that goes well with the expected value and traffic.

  • Communicating

Moreover, your bio link can even apply CRM. Agree, your DM is a chaotic space with dozens of queries that don’t let you incorporate any of the customer management complex strategies. It`s great that UniLink helps you create a bio URL with popular messengers, such as Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, etc. Besides, you can attach links to other social media, and websites to increase orders and contact queries.

  • Hosting

By hosting we understand a landing page that has special tools and features that allow you to gather the audience in one place. You presume the most relevant queries that your customer makes and direct them with a single TikTok bio link. While the content of your main page presents just a little glimpse at offerings, the UniLink bio tool gives your customers a more extended view of all details: price, discount, description, shipping, etc. This seamless structure is very convenient for e-commerce that promotes new products via platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

  • Design

UniLink helps you create a website in several minutes and serve clients from there. It is incredible that no technical experience or knowledge of building a muli-landing page is required. It means that anyone can turn TikTok feed into a shoppable high converting mechanism. You can choose out of a variety of templates and edit them in accordance with your needs. 

How to connect UniLink to TikTok?

  • Sign up/ Sign in

First of all, you need to set up your UniLink account. Use a sign-up form for this. Provide your email address and password during the registration. If you already have an account, just proceed to log in to it. 

  • Add account

To add an account, click on “TikTok” on the main dashboard and type the nickname you use for this video-sharing app. Also, use of the Instagram account by connecting it the same way. 

  • Link videos

All of your feed is turned black and white from the very beginning. It means that videos are not linked yet. Tap on the media, add a tag in the form of uploaded image, link, title, and price. Your dashboard working page will become color after you doing that..

  • Add content 

Go to “Content” to get started with the other features. The wide set of available functions will let you adjust your feed view with media covers, headlines, descriptions. You can also add messengers here to stay in contact with your followers.

  • Set up design

Then, adjust design options: templates, layouts, colors to make your account even more attractive-looking. If you want to insert your own background image just tap on the button “Upload image”. Also, UniLink offers you the most basic design models, so you shouldn’t even hesitate about settings. 

  • Launch integrations

UniLink has been working together to test various social commerce initiatives so now you can have the option to connect some other services. This list includes MailChimp, API Key, Shopify, Google Spreadsheet, PayPal, and others. You can sign in to any of the integrations and make your account look more completed.


It is still possible to jump on that hype-train, so don’t lose the chance to turn on the selling machine via the TikTok bio link. Obviously, the followers’ skepticism about selling there still persists, but let’s finally, recognize TikTok’s potential as a new format of social shopping platform. The new evolving app is going to expand even more and become shopping-focused. 

Bio link tool is a very good solution because most of the sales online are made from there. If you want to become one of the first owners of a multi-linked page and start making money out of your TikTok, UniLink will give you professional help. Creating an account and linking videos is not so difficult, but your new bio link will surely have a great effect on your followers.