How to Use IGTV to Make Your Instagram Strategy More Effective

How to Use IGTV to Make Your Instagram Strategy More Effective

The modern world is showing interesting trends. For example, in recent years, the popularity of e-commerce has become very widespread. Online sales in developed countries have already exceeded offline sales and this trend will continue. Online shopping is very beneficial for the user, because he can make a payment at any convenient place, make a payment from home, and the goods will be delivered to his home. It is also beneficial for the business owner, especially small businesses. Because you don't need to rent shops and hire staff.

In this case, social media promotion and online marketing have become very important tools. And it is extremely important to use all available tools to the maximum, as well as to keep an eye on new trends. One of the important and interesting features that have recently appeared on Instagram is the IGTV feature. And, with the right approach, it can help drive traffic and make working from home more efficient.

Marketing Tips from a True Professional

First, a little bit of a theory. Instagram owners recently unveiled an app that looks like a cross between a TV program and the already familiar video stories and live streams. Now, most of the users are interested in the promotion of the IGTV channel and the possible benefits from this. In San Francisco on 20/06/2018, CEO Kevin Systrom announced the innovation of youth television.

The application can be downloaded offline through the AppStore for Apple or PlayMarket for Android, this will allow you to conduct your broadcast. You can watch other people's videos through classic Instagram by going to the TV icon in the top panel, next to private messages. The format of this project is videos with a duration of 15 seconds. up to 60 minutes, which will more resemble the user's broadcasts with individual thematic content. But it is also possible to add longer clips.

Of course, when it comes to innovation and digital marketing, you need to listen to real professionals in this field. We spoke to the founder and owner of The Stock Dork, Adam Garcia. Adam has a wealth of experience with digital marketing and social media and an understanding of what trends are going to be popular soon.

According to the forecasts of our expert, the IGTV audience is increasing many times every year, and this trend will continue soon. Moreover, user interests are shifting towards longer videos, which means that Instagram's IGTV form could become a serious competitor to a platform like YouTube. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? In this case, it is a great tool for promoting video marketing.


The first of the simple yet important marketing tips is creating videos for IGTV! Facebook likes to prioritize an app's clickable feed to drive user engagement. As a result, preview posts take precedence in your followers' feed and also appear more often. In other words, your content is promoted on Instagram for free and this saves you money on advertising.

Many eCommerce brands are in no rush to jump into the newest Instagram feature. While the increase in free content is gratifying, for some large online business companies it is difficult to justify creating vertical video content for one platform. Time and resources cost money, and the larger the company, the stricter it's content. This can give small and midsize companies an edge by giving them the freedom to move forward and create content without constraints.

Popularization of Content

The main indicators for popularization are views and comments from the public. Accordingly, how to promote a video on IGTV to effectively bring each video to the top? Attracting as many friends and audiences as possible is beneficial for entrepreneurship. Also, we give you some simple social media tips to help you promote your videos and are useful for your business.

• Use calls to put likes (even if they do not fully watch);

• Ask questions that stimulate active commenting (for example, choose one of two answers, share your opinion on an ambiguous dispute, put a smiley, guess the information, write a serial number for the draw);

• Do reposts, which are available to do only in private messages to friends or group. This method works very actively for winners, hypers, and humorous pages that people share most actively, and this is useful for your marketing strategy.

What videos to shoot for IGTV

Before shooting your first videos, decide how to split your content between feed posts, Stories, and IGTV. Publish "evergreen" materials in the feed, share your impressions in "Stories", create content in the format of a series for IGTV. This can be a selection of videos from a production or a series of conversational videos. The channel on IGTV also works for the future, publish useful videos that will help users to form an opinion about you and your product. Think over the concept of presentation, shoot your small series, train your subscribers to be consistent.

IGTV traffic

There are no targeted ads or other promotion tools on IGTV. Getting a video in the "Popular" section will bring you thousands of views, but it is unlikely to add new subscribers. To subscribe, you need to go to the channel profile and study link in bio.

IGTV is still an exclusive image channel, the creators of Instagram decided to see how this format will go, whether users will get used to long vertical videos. Most likely, tools for internet marketing will appear as the platform develops, when the management of the social network decides on the concept. For now, come up with a vivid, memorable name for the channel that users will use to search. Attract subscribers with the help of available resources: tell us about the channel on social networks, mailing lists, landing page, etc.


Today IGTV is a potentially useful tool for social media marketing and driving traffic with customers to your account. Therefore, it is better to work for the future, cooperating with real professionals in this field. For example, UniLink can help you make everything as efficient as possible by creating the perfect clickable shoppable landing page. Cooperation will allow you to go into trends and gain popularity on the Instagram social network.