Instagram and TikTok Content Strategy for Job Seekers and Hiring Companies

Instagram and TikTok Content Strategy for Job Seekers and Hiring Companies

Losing a job is an extremely unpleasant situation that many people fear. After all, this means a loss of income and the need to find a new job. These are difficult interviews, adaptation to a new team, and other difficulties that can be quite difficult to cope with. And the interesting thing is that this path can be made easy and effective thanks to social media.

Your Instagram or TikTok account can help you find a job and generate interest from employers. The ability to go with trends and attract the largest number of subscribers (potential customers) is very important to you. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything correctly and efficiently.

We spoke with the founder and CEO of Wonsulting company - Jonathan Javier. Jonathan's Instagram account has attracted more than 180 thousand subscribers over the past few months, and the total number of monthly views is more than 30 million. The company has also helped tens of thousands of people find jobs and gain popularity on social media (600,000+ on TikTok, and 98,000+ on LinkedIn). Jonathan Javier knows how to work with media and was happy to share his ideas.


Wonsulting constantly monitors trends in the interest of social media users. During the work, more than 50 million subscribers were analyzed on various channels. And there are certainly general trends.

• Creation of short videos attracts more interest. On their Instagram and TikTok channels, they publish videos up to 15 seconds long. In the era of "clip" thinking and rapid loss of interest, this method is very effective. Short videos (8-13 seconds) allow you to grab attention and arouse interest. Moreover, the algorithms show that such videos have priority. One of Wonsulting's videos posted on TikTok has over 7 million views. But it is important to remember that such videos should be interesting and memorable.

• Trends. Another important tool that allows you to be on the wave of popularity. It is necessary to follow current trends and identify the latest trends. This applies not only to themes for videos but also filters and sounds. One way is to access the site, which contains the most popular sounds and samples. Most are available for free.

Live Format

The live broadcast function is available almost everywhere. It is offered by social networks Instagram and TikTok. A live broadcast is a great tool for attracting audience attention. After all, users and potential customers can communicate with you live, ask questions of interest and get important answers for them. Moreover, the profile owner can understand what exactly the audience needs and in which direction to develop the channel.

And this gives real results. For example, when the company profile at TikTok was just getting started, it was able to grow to 600,000+ in 4 months with the help of these strategies, which included constant work on the respective platforms. Also, it is worth using various social networks to develop other channels (for example, a call to subscribe to Instagram in TikTok videos and vice versa).


Scheduling a video release and adhering to an intentional plan is also an important factor in promoting a channel. This is so that the audience knows when they can receive news about your company and new information. Also, pay attention to the most successful hours for publication (obviously, this should not be a deep night or a hard morning at work, etc.). For each format and area, there are best clocks, determined using statistics and algorithms. Post information about upcoming publications on other channels. That way, your audience will know to look across all of your platforms to see what content you post throughout the day.

Consistency can play an important role too. You can post helpful tips in your interview this week. And the next one is to devote to adaptation at work in the first days in a new company and team. In this case, you understand what to publish during the week, and our subscribers know what topic they will study. This complexity is very convenient, and most importantly, useful for the user.

Use your TikTok and Instagram for Professional Promotion and Networking

It is also important to review the content of other accounts, which can provide valuable and useful information. Moreover, it will be useful for users to communicate with the owners of such accounts (you remember that Live broadcasts are an excellent and useful tool). From them, you can get advice on how to promote content, use available opportunities, interact with subscribers, etc. You can also share each other's content via stories or messages, so there is mutual collaboration!

Instagram and TikTok Could Affect your Linkedin Profile Quality

Social media can help you make your Linkedin profile more popular. After all, you can post a link to your work profile here, attracting the attention of potential employers and customers. Wonsulting posted their Instagram or TikTok in the comments, which helped increase the total number of subscribers on all platforms to 1 million.

Content to Share

The content on your profile should be valuable and useful. To do this, you need to answer several questions: what is your target audience, what is its age and main interests, etc. The most important thing is not to leave your niche; your followers follow you for a specific reason, and you must stick to that reason!

Mistakes to Avoid

Social media profiles are your face. Therefore, you cannot publish content that you do not want to show, and which characterizes you from a negative side. Don't show qualities that might scare away your subscribers.

Do not refuse to communicate with users, potential partners/employers through messages to find out what they are doing. Keep an eye on them and, most importantly, stay in touch. You never know when the opportunity will arise!


Promotion on social networks is a difficult process because there is a lot of competition here. Therefore, it is important to collaborate with real professionals in this field. UniLink can help you make your promotion process as efficient as possible. Increase your subscribers and become an influencer the right way!