Marketing Tips to Help Small Business Entrepreneurs Succeed Online

Marketing Tips to Help Small Business Entrepreneurs Succeed Online

Often in the modern world, corporations and large companies are perceived as representatives of the "dark side of the business". They prevent small entrepreneurs from making their businesses successful. But modern technology has presented new tools to users. And now you don't need to buy advertisements in newspapers or on television to promote your product. High-quality use of social networks allows you to win the competition and draw attention to your product by increasing your audience. Of course, there are many tricks here to help you be most effective.

Professional Tips

The Internet has given us access to a wealth of information. But there is also a negative factor here. Because in the search for the knowledge we need, it can be difficult for us to separate useful knowledge from unhelpful ones. The best option is to get advice from real professionals who have proven their effectiveness in practice. We spoke to Brian Lim, founder and CEO at INTO THE AM & iHeartRaves. The firm has a budget of about $30 million a year and has been ranked high in the honorary Inc. ranking for six consecutive years. 5000. Brian shared some interesting information with us that can be useful for small business owners.

The Importance of Influencers

The company was able to collect over half a million subscribers on its Instagram page thanks to the help of influencers. The main first step was to identify the exact strategy and profile of the prospect. The main target audience of the company is trendy people who attend music festivals and enjoy electronic dance music.

The company's marketers identified popular accounts that met the selection criteria and began conversations with account holders. One effective step is to send a company product for free in exchange for an honest review that is posted on their blogs or social media followers. This leads to a lot of sales and new subscribers.

The most important element of an influencer pack, besides cultural fit, is the overall reach of their blogs or social media accounts. ROI is measured based on the number of new subscribers a company receives, the number of impressions it receives, the amount of referral traffic it receives, and of course, the sales from the campaign. The beauty of using social media and influencer marketing to increase sales is that they can be used in just about any industry, whether you're selling a physical product or service.

To calculate the conversion, we recommend creating a unique promotional code for each promotion or allocating a separate phone number. Use tips and news as useful content, and to dilute the atmosphere in the public, write professional jokes and make reposts that may be of interest to your target audience.

There are blogger exchanges (for a commercial version, of course) that you can turn to for help: request a selection compiled according to your wishes, and then write to the blogger yourself. The most popular exchanges are GetBlogger, LiveDune, Epicstars,, Plibber, and LabelUp. You can also contact an agency that works with bloggers and take a database from them for your request.

Having received the base, you can contact the desired blogger directly. You write everywhere: direct on Instagram, to the mail, which is always indicated in the profile headers, or on the YouTube channel in the "Contacts" section, to the bloggers' profiles in other social networks. An offer to become an ambassador for your business must reach him from any source.

After you have agreed with the blogger that he becomes the ambassador of your establishment, control him. Check regularly to see if your brand reps are visiting competitors. Otherwise, such cooperation should be terminated. The period of such barter interaction is relevant for you throughout the year. During this time, the blogger's audience already learns that he receives services from you. This time is enough for his audience to reach you too.

Working with CRM systems

Dan Potter was another expert who shared useful knowledge. He is a co-founder and lead product analyst at CRAFTD based in London. Dan has many years of experience in this industry and understands how online promotion works. Dan noted the importance of using a tool like Google Analytics. This service helps to analyze the intent of our buyers, track potential customers and optimize the site.

The program has a simple and intuitive interface. You must select “Goals” from the Admin section in Google Analytics to track leads. Now you need to choose the main goal of your campaign. For example, margin or ROI are some good ways to measure our marketing success. Also, it is important to ask visitors to fill out a lead generation form on the site. In this case, CRM will save user data, and it can be analyzed to improve further results.

Low-budget offline promotion

Make your employees business ambassadors. Motivate employees to advertise the brand outside of work. To do this, it is important to create favorable working conditions, build the right motivation system and allow them to use the services of your brand for free or at a discount.

Take data from the CRM system to work. Clients come to you every day. Have you ever wondered what you know about them? You know exactly the phone number, email, date of birth, and the list of services that he receives from you. All this information can be used for the benefit of your business. For example:

• send SMS congratulations on your birthday, March 8, new year, or other holidays and offer a discount;

• tell about the new service of your establishment;

• tell about the new loyalty system and invite you to thematic events.

How to send SMS for free?

• When connecting to a tariff of any cellular operator, the subscriber is allocated an SMS package, which, as practice shows, is not consumed by customers within a month. Therefore, you can transfer the database from the CRM system and independently create a mailing list using this package, for which you pay monthly anyway.

• The second variant of SMS-mailing will be more difficult and more labor-intensive, but it is still free. You can transfer the customer base from the CRM system to a cell phone and find your customers in popular messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber. There, send them a discount coupon or offer a service as a gift.


Correct work with social networks and the use of available tools make the promotion as effective as possible, allowing you to attract a large number of potential customers. But do not forget that it is very important to work only with high-quality systems and assistants. For example, the UniLink service allows you to effectively customize your link-in-bio, making the promotion high-quality and useful. Collaborate with someone who makes great results.