New Technologies and media platforms for the development of art projects

New Technologies and media platforms for the development of art projects

Art is what evokes emotions and empathy in a person. Sometimes they are so strong that they help us live and build our future. But it's important to find real art by seeing it amid tons of rubbish and unnecessary information. Who would have known about the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa" if critics, the press, and other media did not open this masterpiece to the whole world?

These days it is becoming easier to learn about various art projects and interesting artists thanks to modern technology. Interestingly, modern technologies help classical art to leave a mark in the future.

One of the interesting examples of the creative world is the artist Steve Chapman (aka @stevexoh). This is a talented and creative person who is interested in human nature and creates paintings on this topic. Steve draws unique paintings, original drawings, large wood figures. Moreover, he also creates various conceptual art objects that carry deep meaning. One of the original solutions was the creation of the world's first silent podcast called “Sound of Silence”.

Thanks to his talent and professionalism, Steve Chapman managed to achieve critical acclaim and win the hearts of many admirers of real art. His works have been bought on all continents (except Antarctica), and exhibitions of works by geniuses such as Pablo Picasso and David Shrigley highlight his high status.

Taking Steve as an example, we looked at the role of modern technologies and their importance for art today. These are convenient and high-quality tools that help the audience to better understand the message and intent of the author, which he embodied in a painting or project. Thanks to social networks, the artist can tell followers about the nuances that are important to him or the thoughts that visited him while working. Also, social networks help to follow the process of creating a picture, find out the latest news and updates, receive information about upcoming exhibitions and places where they will be held. So, the army of fans becomes more united, and it is easier for them to “tune in” to the wave of a creative personality. Community commitment is also very important when organizing art events and exhibitions because in this case, contact with the community is very important.

In reality, social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok have an active community that helps to find the work of a favorite author, learn more about the artist's life or find his colleagues with the same style who inspired him.

Event You Must Attend

And if you are thinking about how to spend the end of October profitably, then we will tell you about the personal exhibition Outsiders Welcome by @stevexoh. This is the most ambitious and grandiose event in the life of the author. Because almost all of his works will be exhibited here, starting from his earliest work. The exhibition will include over 80 drawings, paintings, paper cuttings, and other strange and wonderful installations.

Especially interesting is the late period of the work of Steve Chapman. In recent years, he has been interested in various installations, original drawings, and paintings in the style of street art. The world saw a large number of different conceptual art projects. And some of them were truly unique. For example, the world’s first silent podcast featuring special guests and the globally viral (Not a) Lost Cat poster project.

Also, his projects in the past few years have traveled to five different continents, and many critics and connoisseurs of art have noted the high level of professionalism and creative thought. Admirers were even able to enjoy his paintings and installations at joint exhibitions with such geniuses as Pablo Picasso and David Shrigley.

But this exhibition has a special status. It is personal and the most ambitious for Steve Chapman. Outsiders Welcome will be held at Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport UK and runs from 23rd October to 7th November 2021. All exhibits will be for sale. A free RSVP Private View evening will be held on from 6-8 pm on Saturday 23rd October 2021. Feel the real pleasure of touching real modern art!