Successful e-commerce for small and middle business owners

Successful e-commerce for small and middle business owners

Online business today is a very promising and priority occupation. After all, the number of online sales in developed countries has already exceeded the number of offline sales. And experts believe that this trend will continue. This is not surprising since e-commerce has many important benefits. Business owners do not have to rent huge marketplaces, regularly pay salesmen salaries, etc.

The buyer can place an order on the website, and the transport company will deliver it to the house as soon as possible. And most importantly, small and medium-sized business owners can cooperate with large corporations through various social networks and platforms. For example, TikTok and Instagram were originally created as ordinary places where users can share the news of their lives and other useful information. Today, these sites are often used for e-commerce and to attract additional attention. This is not surprising, especially when you consider that the number of active Instagram users exceeds hundreds of millions.

But it is important that the business owner's account is constantly evolving, popular, and attracting new potential customers. For this, it is important to use the most modern tools and capabilities. For example, the UniLink service helps to strengthen its position, create a high-quality link-in-bio, as well as increase efficiency. Thanks to this and knowledge of the nuances of e-commerce, small and medium-sized business owners can successfully compete with large players.

Professional advice

Knowledge is one of the main treasures of the modern world. Real professionals in their field are always in demand and well paid. After all, their knowledge is a very useful resource. We spoke with the CEO of Bindwise, Alex Borisenko-Markovich. And he told us his vision of the beginning of the path to success in e-commerce.

“When someone starts their online business, they usually go almost alone (sole proprietor). In this case, he has limited resources: both financial and temporary. But today you can easily become a member of digital commerce and start selling goods online. You have low-barrier access to suppliers (thru Alibaba), to potential shoppers (on Amazon), and to fulfillment (Amazon FBA or Shopify FN). As well as access to on-demand help (Fiverr or Upwork) and efficient software tools created ad-hoc for e-commerce. On the other hand, each aspect of selling online, be it, product sourcing, marketing, or day-to-day operations, has never been as sophisticated as today. It's more important than ever to deliver exceptional, personalized buyer experiences. Therefore, the best option for achieving success and business development is a justified risk. "

There are many strategies that aspiring entrepreneurs can use to help improve their e-commerce business. Perhaps the most successful benchmark is the quality of the goods, not the quantity. Sometimes, it makes sense to offer not a huge range of products, but 3-5 SKUs that you are confident in. Otherwise, the large assortment will not allow the business owner to focus on quality (he still does not have such time resources, and opportunities). And this leads to trouble because this is how the reputation of the company deteriorates. And for small and medium-sized businesses, this is a very serious blow.

Quality assurance is the key to success. Because this way you will have more satisfied customers who want to leave positive feedback and recommend you to their friends. And this is one of the main tools for promoting and growing a business. Nowadays, the advice of users, bloggers, and friends can be decisive when choosing a store.

Also, having a small number of SKUs will let you craft lucrative listings (description, images) which means a lot. Having quality listings & products doesn't solve the problem of not having anyone knocking on your online store's door. BindWise's experience shows that many aspiring business owners make common mistakes. For example, they cannot create a high-quality and well-thought-out website for a visitor and potential buyer.

In this case, sites like Shopify may be the best choice. We can say that it is a handy tool for small and medium business owners who are taking their first steps in e-commerce. Also, Amazon or Fulfilment Network is a great option. Because these companies allow not to worry about thinking over the logistics and take on this task upon themselves. Also, Amazon will bring you potential buyers that are a super hard issue to tackle at the beginning.


It is worth noting that drawing attention to a product or service becomes much easier with the use of ready-made operational resources. What's more, thanks to companies like Amazon, Shopify, or the Fulfilment Network, it allows e-commerce to run as efficiently as possible. Amazon sells products 24/7, and creating an FBA account for products is a major step towards expanding your store.