TikTok as an Effective Sales Channel

TikTok as an Effective Sales Channel

Social media is an extremely popular tool these days. Millions of users visit their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. every day. In the beginning, these were just platforms where people could share news from their lives, upload photos, and videos. But very soon the business realized that these are excellent platforms for promoting and finding new clients. Today online sales in many countries outnumber offline sales. And it's important to understand how to use this tool for your business.

Secrets of a True Professional

The road to success can be difficult and long. If you learn from your mistakes and do not have important theoretical information. And it can be fast and efficient if you have skilled helpers. We spoke with expert Kyle Dulay, who is the co-founder of Collabstr. It is an open marketplace where brands can hire influencers and celebrities to promote on social media. Collabstr also has a B2B targeting page. And since the beginning of the year, experts have already collected more than one million views, also attracting thousands of paying subscribers. Kyle Dulay has provided some tips for your social media promotion.

Submit your Profile

You need a catchy and understandable name, a bright photo. In the description, tell us not about your business, but about why users should subscribe to your account. Also, add links to accounts in other social networks to your profile. This way interested users can learn more about your product and brand features.

Try to Make Videos that Will be Watched to the End

The social network tracks user behavior. The more people have watched the video in full, the more people will see it in their recommendations. For example, in the video itself or its description, leave a text that motivates you to watch the video - "at the end, you will find a secret method." Build the plot of the video as follows: first, ask an interesting question - at the end of the video, give an answer.

Analyze Content

Connect a Pro account. Go to settings, then "Account management", after "Switch to Pro-account". This will activate the statistics section. In it, you can study the number of profile views, the growth of subscribers per week or in 28 days. There is a section with a list of your most popular clips. Construct hypotheses why a particular video has become in demand, try to repeat its success. Experiment with the format by posting valuable content. This way you can see what the audience likes the most and focus on that segment. You can find some good examples of videos that are getting a huge amount of views on Collabstr TikTok.

Use Trends

To find out what topics and content format are in demand now in TikTok, open the "Interesting" tab in your profile. Try not just to repeat popular videos, but to create content based on them, expand or narrow the idea. Analyze popular trending accounts. Look at which videos the "stars" in your industry have filmed at different times, and try to understand what exactly is of interest to their subscribers.

Don't Try to Make Content "Sellable"

The user and prospect should not feel pressure from you. You shouldn't mention a product or advertise it in every video. Moreover, statistics show that the most effective channels are those where 90% of videos lack advertising. And viewers watch the video with interest, guided by curiosity. And only 10% of videos on the channel are advertising content that tells about the product and is customer-oriented.

Shoot Videos on "Hype" Topics

That is, about what is now being actively discussed in social networks and the media. Controversial content also resonates. Even if it is negative, you, as a blogger, still benefit from it. After all, the application algorithms consider the number of comments under your content - the more there are, the higher the probability of getting more traffic.

Make Hashtags

In the tab with popular videos, check which hashtags the audience is most often watching. Try to shoot an original video on a suitable topic and use these hashtags - this way you will get additional traffic. And if the audience likes the video, there will be likes. If you notice that the hashtag of a particular challenge has become popular, take part in it. Just don't make a video for the sake of a video, try to find a non-standard approach to the topic.

Do Contests for Your Audience

This works when the account has already accumulated a small number of subscribers, at least from 2,000 - 3,000. You can play your product or service as a prize. Choose the mechanics of the competition so that it helps you promote your account. For example, ask viewers to actively share the video with friends and leave comments. And choose among those who have met the conditions using random number generator services such as Randomus or Online-generators.

Motivate Users to Share the Video

According to Daria Smirnova, there are requests from the presenter in the video itself - to invite viewers to subscribe to the channel and like. And add to the description the call "Send a friend, he will like it."

Make Joint Videos

They are also called mutual PR. Find bloggers with similar audiences and roughly the same number of followers. Agree on cooperation. For example, you can shoot a joint video, and everyone will duplicate it on their channel. Or make two different videos on the same topic, publish them each on your site, and then put links to each other in the description.

Offer Your Goods on Barter

Track popular and not-so-popular bloggers in your niche. Invite them to make a video describing your product, an analysis of its properties, and share their experience of use. Bloggers are usually paid for such advertising, but if we are talking about accounts with 5,000 - 10,000 subscribers, then you can try to negotiate a barter - you are a product for him, and he will make several videos for your promotion. Also, do not advertise the product in every video. Your channel should be as lively and useful for the viewer as possible. 


Self-promotion on Instagram and TikTok social media becomes much easier if you partner with trusted and quality partners. For example, UniLink. This is a great tool to do everything as efficiently as possible and attract more attention to your company and product. Collaborate with professionals!