TOP Instagram and TikTok trends for Promoting Your Business in 2021

TOP Instagram and TikTok trends for Promoting Your Business in 2021

At the beginning of their life, social networks were a platform for communication, where users share their news, uploading photos, posts, and small videos. But companies soon realized that Instagram and TikTok had a huge base of potential customers. And the business owners started promoting their products on these social networks. This approach led to competition, and various companies began competing to drive traffic to the page and increase a number of sales.

Also, social networks are constantly being updated, adding various functions and changing the algorithms for promoting trends. Therefore, you cannot choose one marketing strategy and enjoy success. It is necessary to understand trends and be at the forefront of progress.

Let's figure out what changes are awaiting Instagram and TikTok in 2021: what topics, techniques, actions will help make online business more successful, popularize the company's products, and notify the target audience about it. For this information, we turned to Digital Marketing Manager and expert Ashish Goswami, who works for the successful 21Twelve Interactive agency. And he told us interesting things that can be useful for online marketing entrepreneurs.

New Instagram and TikTok Trends

Let's note right away: all transformations lead to the fact that soon there will be practically no free promotion channels. It has already become clear that the growth of subscribers and the number of likes is not a significant indicator for the network. But AR effects (various augmented reality tools), trust accounts (with the correct link in the bio), full-fledged texts, and clickable feeds began to play a big role. In addition, several more important trends have emerged.

Visual of the Feed

Instagram now has a countless number of business accounts, and accordingly high competition, users can no longer spend time reading and studying, first glance and assessment play an important role. And here we are talking not only about "beauty", but also about structure. Therefore, it is critically important for small business owners to make a high-quality feed and try to make it as informative as possible. We are talking about the correct selection of the grid, a pleasant color scheme for your landing page, and the filling of images.

Truthful Content

According to research by the American digital marketing company Finances Online, today social media users pay more attention to truthful content. The more authentic the post looks, the more users express their approval for it. For business accounts, this is also important and means that: you should select colorful and truthful posts, as well as post there truthful and interesting information for your subscribers.

Attention to World Issues

Another trend of our time that is important for business owners. An important trend in the social networks Instagram and TikTok is the discussion of environmental problems, various social cataclysms, etc. This means that users are more supportive of the social mission that is important from their point of view. If a brand is associated with positive changes in the world order, the number of people preferring it will grow. Therefore, attention to public issues and environmental issues helps not only the planet or the environment but also the promotion of your e-commerce company.

Influencers and Micro-Influencers

This is one of the obvious marketing tips that are still popular today. Influencers can help you grow your followers and buyers in a short period. But here it is important to say that for online shopping it is better to cooperate with micro-influencers (with up to 100 thousand subscribers). Their audience is more active and allows you to strengthen the brand. Moreover, you get an engaged audience that will be interested in your news and products, which is also useful for eCommerce. According to statistics, micro-influencers can provide 60% higher campaign engagement than macro-influencers.

Live Content

Marketing research has shown that 2020 has seen a dramatic change in the sentiment of social media users. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are forced to work from home and be in self-isolation. This has led to a surge in interest in live content and streaming. People prefer to watch the news online. Create live stories about new product launches, new services, satisfied customer reviews, and new event launches. It will go viral and will provide you with maximum views and engagement.

Instagram Reels: IR

Some more interesting information from social media marketing agencies. In 2020, Instagram received additional features and functionality, partially related to TikTok. This allows brands to shoot short videos (15 seconds) in the TikTok style, as well as announce contests in this direction. IR function is available in over 50 countries. Brands of all sizes can easily manage Instagram videos in their marketing strategy. You can create content about your products or services and share it with your audience. This helps generate traffic to your IG account and company website, increasing sales.


The development of the Instagram shopping service will allow making purchases without leaving the social network. Already in 2020, you can post a product announcement and a price tag on IG. In 2021, it will be possible to purchase a product and make a payment on social networks with one click. One of the key decisions for e-commerce is to create a quality bio link and clickable shoppable landing page. This promotion is made as efficient as possible thanks to UniLink.

Effective promotion on social networks Instagram and TikTok thanks to this approach allows entrepreneurs to successfully develop their business and achieve success. The main thing is to organize the right internet marketing campaign and follow useful social media tips.