UniLink vs LinkTree: Which platform is the best?

UniLink vs LinkTree: Which platform is the best?

There are plenty of link-in-bio tools out there and today we are about to compare UniLink and LinkTree. The frequent question is which one is better. What should you use to drive more traffic to your website, increase sales or brand awareness? And, which platform will eventually enable your Instagram business to grow by leaps and bounds within a short time? Our blog is going to answer that, so buckle up, guys! To start off, we need to note that both tools are good options for your developing business on Instagram. There are many pros that each platform has and it can drastically change your decision of what is better. Everything mainly depends on your account type, your target audience, your ultimate goals, your product or service, etc. Let's take a look at what each service has to offer and set up our minds. 

What are the main differences between Unilink and LinkTree?


The main thing that differentiates Linktree from UniLink is a plain list of links on one landing page, the convenience of which seems to be quite ambivalent. On one hand, your followers have a simple landing page with several tabs on it, that can successfully promote your external platforms linked. Though, on the other hand, it does not allow for connecting followers to your feed. One conclusion that we can derive here is that LinkTree rather helps you connect the audience with all channels you have, but doesn't let you promote your Instagram products or services as such. 

Alternatively, UniLink helps you manage your Instagram content more professionally. By attaching just one link in your bio you make a good first impression, designate your own brand tone and voice on the landing page, share company news, and updates. But, also you push your products and service there, allowing your subscribers to check the post tags or links and proceed to buyings. All in all, you drive more traffic from Instagram, as people stay on your Instagram for a longer period, and thus expand your overall reach and engagement.


If Instagram is the main powerhouse for you, it is much more beneficial to switch your free account to a premium plan. Moreover, when UniLink offers the cheapest price (just $4 per month) in the market it would be a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity! At the same time, LinkTree will cost you more ($6 per month), which seems to be not a huge difference at first until to the point when we have to consider some differences. Generally, both tools provide access to more detailed analytics, have MailChimp integration, or highlight your links. When it comes to some distinctive features that UniLink has to offer, it will include the following:

  • Unlimited Personal account
  • Unlimited Business account
  • Background image
  • Verified badge
  • Unlimited Link post
  • Unlimited Order post
  • Unlimited Vote post
  • Unlimited Poll post

  • Link thumbnails 
  • Priority links
  • Social icons
  • Scheduled links 

To wrap up, both Linktree and UniLink point your followers in the direction of your choice. Considering your goals (sharing additional content, holding subscribers within your online ecosystem for longer with LinkTree VS boosting your sales, and educating people about your profile with UniLink) you will be able to open the doors of opportunities for better customizability and insights in your Instagram.