What to Write in Instagram Bio?

What to Write in Instagram Bio?

To begin with, an Instagram bio is the short description of details either about yourself or your brand. It comprises contact information, emojis, hashtags and much more. To cut to the chase, it is very crucial to know what kind of information should be mentioned in your profile, because a good bio can prompt the audience to stay with you longer, explore your page and even give you a follow. Thus, let's take a look at some ideas of what an ideal Instagram bio is and find the one for you. 

  • Say who you are and what you do

The best Instagram bios tend to have a self-description. In the first line you can mention the profession, the company you work for, the institution you study at, your interests, hobbies. If you own a business profile where you want to sell from, it is better to name the type of products/ services you are offering. Just by looking at it, new visitors will instantly realize what is your brand and what makes you stand out. 

  • Include keywords

Using keywords will not affect your searchability rate, however it will make your account linked to a specific theme. There are plenty of profiles we are getting engaged with as Instagram users. Indeed, it is easier for us to follow a page and discover content we are into. How do people know it is something of their interest? Keywords! Try to think about both your own core values and the core values of your target audience, and you will find the best one that people want to associate your brand or personality with. 

  • Share your contact information

If you’re the owner of a business page, it is more likely you are interested in some partnerships, inquiries or whatever. So, it is essential to include your contact information. The good examples of what most people write in this line are: ‘For business enquiries, email name@email.com.’, 'DM us'. Also, considering adding your location if it is deemed as necessary. Sometimes, Instagram users feel much closer to you when they see a familiar city or country title. 

  • Add a call to action

Whether you’re a business owner or an influencer, having a call to action in your Instagram bio is a must. As we have told you before, a catchy bio can bring you more followers and engagement, so you really need to think of a strong statement that will blow everyone's mind and prompt to take action. Write the CTA starting with 'watch', 'check out', 'read more' and make sure to use the emoji of a finger pointing down to your bio link. 

One cool trick for Instagram bio

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