What You Need to Know About Instagram and TikTok in 2021

What You Need to Know About Instagram and TikTok in 2021

In 2021, it doesn't matter whether you’ve been in the game for years or you’re just getting started. Monetizing a business through social media like Instagram and TikTok can be real for everybody. All you need to know is a set of tricks and solutions. UniLink has reached out to several experts to find out more about trends. 

First two were Dena Greenbaum and Melissa Rosen. They are the hosts of 2 Old 4 TikTok Podcast, which means they have first-hand experience of modern trends on social media. These are the comments they share on all the trendy aspects of both TikTok and Instagram:

Tell the stories

«The best way to promote your business on TikTok in 2021 is to tell your story. There are countless viral TikTok videos that visualize small business day-to-day operations, while the founder of the small business tells their story and explains their mission. Most people on TikTok want to know why they should buy a product or invest in someone or something. If a small business can tell their story, explain the problem they are solving, and capture your attention with why they started the business in under 60 seconds with enticing visuals, it has the potential to go viral. 

Businesses should tailor their content to fit specific trends for their small business niche. On TikTok there are specific small business audios. For example, @fashionablysurfed created an audio called “Small Business Check '' and there are over 7000 videos uploaded using that audio.»  

Use Shop features

Amber Reed-Johnson, a Content Marketing Assistant at Giraffe Social Media shares some other insights on this matter:

«In recent years, social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have added many new features to the apps/sites, with Instagram getting a complete home page/navigation overhaul to introduce the Reels and Shop features. We believe it’s really important as a business to stay on top of emerging social media trends and features, and experiment with new ideas frequently to ‘test the waters’ with your target audience. On the other hand, don’t go too far with jumping on new trends as this can come across as inauthentic and spammy to your followers. Find the sweet spot by listening to your audience and tailoring your content to their behaviors and interests.


One exception to this rule is TikTok, where trends and popular filters can push your content to the For You page and even make it go viral. If you’re adapting viral trends, filters, and sounds to uniquely work with your business’ content, that is nothing short of a good thing on TikTok. Being so fast-paced, new trends are always popping up on TikTok, avoiding the ‘trend fatigue’ you may experience on platforms with longer post lifespans.»

To sum up, there are many hacks on how to blow off with popularity. However, brand storytelling and Shopping features appear to be at its peak in 2021. Whether on TikTok or Instagram, people expect you to be on fleek with all the innovations and trends. So, you should keep up with new updates as soon as they arrive.

Telling your brand story goes without saying. That’s what builds up your brand awareness and customer loyalty. If you can manage to captivate the eyes of users on any of the platforms, you can go viral very soon.

However, social media is not only a platform of daily interaction but a business pool from which you can sell and run businesses. Usually, entrepreneurs go for Instagram or TikTok to drive traffic to their website and establish the sales process from there. In this scenario, Shopping features are very applicable. 

But what if you are the owner of a small enterprise? You can survive having a simple and clickable mini-website. If your ultimate goal on TikTok and Instagram is to sell products and increase revenue, you will need a bio link tool such as UniLink. It serves as a navigation to your other cross-platforms, as well as a traffic tracker that collects data on leads, manages orders, and closes important deals.